Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a total 4300 sq.ft. of event space . This is broken down into three areas:  The Event Center which is 1882 sq.ft.  The Training Room (588 sq.ft.)  and the Grand Foyer (1924 sq.ft.).  Our most popular combination is the  Event Center and The Grand Foyer which totals 3,806 sq.ft.

02. How much does it cost to rent the facility?  TOP

There are several factors in calculating the facility rental.  Weekdays are different from weekends. The time of day, the size needed and whether you will be utilizing the technology are all factors considered in cost.  Please call or email our event manager ( ) to give you a customized quote.

03. What do you include in your rental cost?  TOP

With your facility rental, we will include tables, chairs (up to 200), set up and clean up.  We will also include our event manager, microphone and laptop hookup (additional charge).

04. What about food and beverage?  TOP

On this website you will find a “preferred vendor” page.  We have contracted with some of the best, professional caterers in the area for your convenience and budget.  These caterers are familiar with our facility and can work with you to customize whatever theme you are planning.  They will also provide any silverware, china or paper plates if you like!

Alcoholic beverages may be served by a licensed bartender (our caterers have them) and then security will be required (separate fee).  Ask our event manager more details about this.

05. What do I need to hold a date?  TOP

A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 for the event room and $100.00 for the training room.  A signed facility agreement is required to hold your date.  Because our rates are so budget friendly, this deposit amount is usually less than what other venues charge.

06. When is the final payment due?  TOP

Final payments are due 60 days prior to the event for a weekend date. Business meetings in our Training Room don’t normally book that far in advance and therefore, their balance is due 14 days prior to the meeting.